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Blue Meanie Mushrooms
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Copelandia Cyanescens also known as Panaeolus Cyanescens, and nicknamed “copes” or “Blue Meanies”, are one of the most potent psychoactive mushroom species in the world. In weight comparison, their psycho activity towers 2-to-3 times over that of the Psilocybe cubensis.

Blue Meanies Mushrooms are well known to contain healthy, rich amounts of psilocine, psilocybin, and are much more psychedelic than more common mushrooms. The islanders of Bali, in particular, have a long history with the recreational use of the mushrooms for festivals and celebrations…as well as for creative artistic expression (and for inspiration). Blue Meanies are very commonly sold to travelers and tourists in Bali and similar regions for their hallucinogenic activity.

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Blue Meanie Mycelium Grow Cake
Blue Meanie is characterised by a slightly slower than average growth, forming small caps on the first harvest but easily producing large, dense mushrooms from the second flush.

The use of a heated mini-greenhouse can be very useful and make it easier to maintain ideal growing conditions, with a temperature of 22-24°C and a humidity between 60-80%.

The first Blue Meanie mushrooms are ready to harvest in about 20-25 days of cultivation, offering several harvests with the same cake under optimal environmental and hygienic conditions.

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